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Freerun Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Napa, California and was founded by two high-tech corporate types Frank Forbes and Heidi Paul in 1994.

Initially, the company's vision was to put Napa Valley on the Internet map but back then it was a technology company as well as an Internet pure-play.

At the time, there were no off-the-shelf solutions for website design, hosting, e-commerce, email marketing, or even analytics. From the mid-90s to about 2009 Freerun was both a portal and a technology company with clients that ranged from small start-up companies to large corporations.

As time went on the main focus became the pure-play portal and its network of sites. was the original "niche" portal of its type, providing focused information and services for the consumer who seeks to stay informed on all matters involving visiting a wine destination. The network continues today and includes and

Now the founders focus on business coaching and transitioning the network of portals to WineCountry Media.

Our Name

Since the focus included the businesses located in WineCountry the name Freerun was selected. "Freerun" is a winemaking term that we adopted because it fits the core values of being the first and the best. When wine is drained from the vat without being pressed, it goes straight into barrels as freerun wine (vin de goutte). It's the good stuff!

Each year, we happily influence over 2 million potential guests by providing access to the information needed to plan a perfect visit. Let us help you dream and explore, you will always remember your visit to WineCountry.

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